About me

My ‘nom de plume’ is Jack F Timmer. I chose to use this name, instead of my own, because in my real life I try to be so much more then ‘just a writer’. Plus the annoying fact that most people have difficulty pronouncing my real name. Those who know me can attest to the fact that I did not choose a different name out of a liberal-humanistic standpoint; I believe the writer matters a great deal!

This site is completely devoted to my writing and what inspires it. Therefore, all the personal facts and ideas you find here are my own but presented though the eyes of my ‘writers persona’.

I am a young man who grew up in a semi-large European city. In a world that I feel grows darker by the day. I have always found joy in the works of those who try to keep the light on in whatever way they see fit. I have tried to do so by writing about any and everything for as long as I can remember. Whether it is on napkins or cardboard coasters, wallpaper, my own arms, in notebooks or on a computer, writing has always been my outlet and method of making sense of things.

After spending the larger part of my life writing just for myself I begun to write things for others: short stories, plays, poems and the occasional misguided love letter. In this way, sharing my thoughts and ideas with the select group of crazy but loveable people that I surround myself with.

In 2012 I was inspired by those same people to share my writing with a larger audience. Feeling insecure about me lacking the necessary skills, I felt that I should get some more training and experience, before inflicting my views and fantasies onto a wider audience. Therefore I started looking for a university that would be able to do just that. I found my place at a British university that caters to all my needs; not just the great teachers and teachings I feel I need, but a chance to grow in life and meet even more inspiring people.

From that faithful September onwards I am officially studying ‘English and Creative Writing’.


My writing might make you feel happy or angry, sad or loved, you might even feel you disagree with my statements or opinions. For me this does not matter, as long as you feel something. As I am just a human I will, from time to time, seem: mean, fearful, naive and daft or even completely out of touch. If so, please feel free to comment on my stories or contact me about them. For there is nothing more fruitful to writer, than an interesting discussion with interested people.

But above all: Please Enjoy!