Tis’ the season!

‘Tis the season! The only time of year where a grown man can be as soppy as I am and not have it met by derogatory laughter. There are many things that warm the heart: the tree, the lights, the snow (I wish), the presents, the memories and the booze helps too. But the best thing about Christmas for me is the excuse to watch soppy movies all day long while over-eating and drinking. Over the last few weeks I’ve been a part of many a discussion on what movie should be considered ‘the best Christmas movie’. The simple answer: there is no such thing! They all seem to do the trick and tastes vary, but seriously: the passion people display in these discussions… Forget politics, religion, bake-off or the weather, if you really want to divide people: use Christmas movies!

A week and a half spend on determining if ‘Die Hard’ is a Christmas movie. Let’s all just agree that John McClane would be an awesome guest; just don’t pick him as your secret-Santa. And personally, I don’t feel that leaving a kid alone in your house over the holidays is a very ‘Christmassy’ thing to do, but what do I know? I do agree with Culkin that the movie would have been better with a heart-warming torture scene, but once again: personal preference.

So what do we look for in a Christmas movie? Snow, trees, lights, love, warmth, humor and a little magic!

An SNL master in a little green outfit? Maybe a story about another green funny man written by everyone’s favorite doctor? Perhaps we disappear into a magic book on an enormous flying dog? Or we hang out of a window asking a boy what day it is? We can always take a train-ride with the man formerly known as Gump. Some might need a star-studded wonderland where Mr. Bean annoys professor Snape with his gift-wrapping. Or a woman who has the heart of the sea exchange lives with one of Charlie’s angels? A black and white crazy man with a big beard and a young lawyer? Perhaps a remake where batman comes to meet Louise and she doesn’t tear off in a Thunderbird? Jimmy Stewart can show us all that we need to exist to make people happy. Or we need to understand what a Burtonesque Christmas looks like to show us how normal our own families are?

And perhaps even more counter-intuitive: while all that great food just sits there, we can’t feed them after midnight. Speaking of dysfunctional families: I always watch The Dark Crystal, at least once, thanks for that one mom and dad! But that movie does always lead me to the one movie that says it all. We take the lead actor; get him to bring his most beloved alter-ego, and just wait for him to say the sentence that truly rings in this festive season: ‘It’s not easy being’…. NO NO NO, not that one! This applies to our Christmas trees, as well as our hearts and minds: ‘It’s time to light the lights!’

A very merry movie watching Christmas to you and yours!

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