Pride – For Matty –

I don’t mean the one about equality with the flag of rainbow,

Although applicable, this is simply about a guy I know.

A man of many words and fantastic appetites,

But it’s his character that really highlights


Not just the title of this poem but

The reason for my respect in this lovable nut


He always says he loves the crazy ones because

The normals just bore and all seem hazy,

In his tremendous heart and bravery

Which also makes his dark side so unsavory


The one enemy he must fight day and night

His own treacherous and marvelous mind


One filled with strange thoughts and dark corners

Even a string of fantasy and disorders.

With all that, he’s still capable of great empathy,

A lending hand to friends and even me


Keeps an entire family together even when perhaps

He himself is on the verge of collapse.


So I vow to be there to remind:

When that terrible battle with your mind

Seems just too much, remember:


The ones taken from us, too soon and crappy

Wherever they might be, I’m sure they see

What I do when I look at you:


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