Excerpt from chapter 8

An odd silence hang in the taxi as it drove of. In the occasional glances I stole, I saw that Elisa was smiling. She was just sitting there, silently smiling, while staring out of the window. As I sat there unease crept over me: Is this a good smile?

I generally hate silence when there can be conversation so I tried to say something. Very weary of what to say I stuttered into speech, but before I got two words out she shushed me. Then, looking at me with the same smile she had been wearing before, she said: “Let’s just enjoy this silence for a moment.” I smiled and looked down at my knees. Then I felt unable of keeping my tongue after this last statement: “You’re enjoying this?” Her smile widened slightly as she answered: “The awkward silence between two virtual strangers, after they just shared their first kiss? For me, that doesn’t come along all that often, so I think we should enjoy it.”

I smiled at my knees again as she turned to stare out of the window once more.

“Sorry,” I said, unable to stop myself. “But, stranger?” She did not look back at me and said in a very calm voice: “You are physically incapable of keeping the millions of words in your head to yourself aren’t you?” I opened my mouth to answer as she interrupted me again: “What do I have to do to get you to be silent for a moment?” Trying to speak again she spoke over me the moment I opened my mouth: “Am I going to have to kiss you again? It seemed to have done the trick last time.” I finally looked up to see her smiling out of the window as I said: “You could try.” Her smile suddenly changed into a (obviously) faked defiant look as she said: “Don’t think I want to now.” I moved a little closer to her as I said, speaking to the back of her head: “And what if I promised you that I will be silent for as long as you like, if you did?” She did not say anything but just shook her head with a slight smile. “Why not?” I asked. “Because,” she said in a voice as if she was explaining that one and one makes two: “Then it would no longer be the silence after the first kiss, would it?”

She laid her hand on my knee at the end of this sentence without looking at me. While still smiling, I took it and intertwined our fingers together and said:

“I believe that the silence after the second kiss…” She did not interrupt me this time; she simply leaned over and kissed me. However hard it was for me to ever admit it, it did to the trick: It shut me up for a while.

After we broke apart she looked up at me. Her endless brown eyes full of joy staring at my face. She opened her mouth to speak but I pressed my finger to her lips and raised my eyebrow. She gave my finger a little kiss and smiled up at me.

As she laid her head on my shoulder and closed her eyes, I released the tension in my hand that was holding hers. She responded by squeezing mine a little tighter. I smiled as the taxi turned into the city.


Not even ten minutes later the taxi stopped in front of Elisa’s house. I looked down at the beautiful girl on my shoulder and smiled as I saw she had fallen asleep. I stealthily slipped my hand in my jacket pocket and paid the driver. “Wake up darling, we’re here.” She opened her eyes, yawned and stretched. The driver reached over to hand me my change as I gestured to him to keep it. He bowed his head in thanks while Elisa and I got out of the car.

Still a little groggy Elisa tried to put her keys in the door, but fumbled a little. I took the keys from her and smiled. She pressed her face in my chess as she hugged me.

I unlocked the door and we moved inside. I closed the door behind her and hugged her back. Then I looked down at her as she pulled her face from my chess and we smiled at each other for a moment. Then I said: “How about we just stand here, like this, all night long?” She smiled, gave me a swift kiss and started to move up the stairs.

Entering her living room she threw her bag on the table, stretched, looked at me and said: “Do you want another drink, or shall we go straight to bed?”

I walked up to her and said with a slight smile: “I don’t really care, but I think you could use some sleep, little lady.” She smiled back, walked right up to me and said: “Only if you join me.”

I opened my mouth to answer but before I could she had started kissing me again. A deep, heart-felt, passionate kiss that seemed to last for hours. Her slender hands crept slowly under my jacket and moved from my back to my chest, then from my chest over my shoulders. Without taking her lips from mine she took my jacket off. As it slid down my arms and on to the floor she stepped out of her shoes. Then she started to unbutton my shirt as I put my hands on the small of her back. Slowly I moved them downwards and as she pulled my shirt over my shoulders, my hand reached her hips. Slowly I started to pull up her dress until I could put my hands underneath it, onto her silky soft skin.

Then I started to slide my hands up over her body, taking her dress with them. A slight intake of breath as I pulled my nails over her perfect back. Then we broke apart for a moment and she looked at me as she raised her arms to the ceiling. I pulled the dress all the way over her head. As her it cleared her face she pressed her half naked body against mine before continuing to kiss me.

She wrapped her arms around my neck as I lifted her off her feet. As I carried her, still kissing, into the bedroom she started to run her fingers through my hair. I lowered her onto the bed and after hastily pulling off my shoes and pants I joined her under the warm covers. She turned and rolled over to lie on top of me. As we continued to kiss even more fiercely I started running my hands up and down her perfect back. Then out of the blue she stopped kissing me and lifted her head away from mine. Then she said in a low voice filled with ecstasy: “You do realize I am not going to have sex with you right?” I raised my eyebrow and gave her a sarcastic smile before saying: “I completely understand, this is very similar to my ‘going to sleep’ routine.” She almost smiled as she tried to say something. I lifted myself half off the bed and continued to kiss her. She moaned slightly before pushing me back down again and said: “I’m serious! I’m not going to sleep with you on our first date!” I sighed and put my arms under my head before I replied: “First of all: Date? And second: Wanna bet?” She did smile this time as she put her nails in my chess and hissed: “I mean it!” I breathed in through my teeth and half closed my eyes as she pulled her nails downwards. Then she stopped, fainted a look of seriousness and asked: “What gave you the idea that I would be having sex with you tonight?” I smiled, moved my hand from under my head back onto her back. Lifting myself off the pillows to kiss her neck I moved my hands slowly upwards on her back. “Maybe,” I whispered in-between kisses. “The thing that tipped me off was the fact that you are lying on top of me, half naked. And close enough for me to do this.” And with a quick moment of my hand I unhooked her bra. Without even flinching she raised her eyebrow as if to say: ‘Did you really think that would work?’

Still saying nothing she took her bra off completely and threw it on the floor. Then she rolled off of me and said: “Impressive, but still; not going to happen.” I rolled onto my side to face her again. “And what if.” I said pressing my lips lightly to her bare shoulder. “I was to convince you?” She pressed her lips together in a defiant look. She did however close her eyes as I started to kiss her neck very softly again. All the while my hand was ‘traveling south’ over her belly. As she opened her lips again and let out a lust-filled sigh I pulled my hand back off her and stopped kissing her. Her eyes flew open and looked at me as if to ask what the hell I was doing. I turned back onto my back and put my hands under my head again saying: “But I know that ‘no’ means ‘no’. So we’ll just go to sleep then.” She smiled slightly as she turned on her side this time. She whispered in my ear that she did hear a story about me. “Oh really?” I said playfully. “Well,” she said. “It sounded more like a myth.” I smiled and said: “I’m not sure I like where this is going.” She bit my ear softly before whispering: “It concerns a certain speciality of yours.” I moved onto my side now too so that we faced each other. I, fainting ignorance, asked her what speciality she was referring to. She gave me her most voluptuous look yet and then lifted the bedcovers slightly. She moved her eyes slowly down her own body and then snapped them back onto my face. No more needed to be said as I slid under the covers. Making my way down her perfect body and kissing every inch of it, she could not help boring her nails into my back. The further I went down the deeper she pressed her nails into me, until I could feel them pierce my skin.

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