Act 0

Evening. Double doors standing open behind a roped off piece of sidewalk. 

Right in front of the door lays a young man, face forward. Two policemen usher the crowd along but help the audience duck underneath the plastic tape. The young man turns over, puts his hands under his head after lighting a cigarette. Underneath him is a chalk outline of where he just lay.

John: Hey there. You are probably all wondering the same thing: what the hell happened here, and where did that dashing young man come from?

He makes a whistling sound and point towards the roof.

John: I don’t like my story to start on a negative, but I thought it might be good if you knew how it ended. At least this way you won’t ever feel too sorry for me.

He get’s up and dusts off his clothes.

John: The thing I am a little hazy about is this: How did I get from up there to down here? There is one very simple answer, one that you are all thinking of now, I presume. But look at me, why would I kill myself? I’m young, rich and not too shabby on the eyes either. I think the only way to find this out is together. Follow me.

He walks through the doors and beckons the audience the follow.

John: How to start the story? Simple. I grew up in a small city. I had a family that loved me, and a reasonable sized brain in my head. My upbringing was stable and quite boring. The day, I believe, that my life became interesting was also the day all my troubles started. And as the oldest story in the book goes: it had to be a woman that started it all.

A beautiful woman walks down the hall as if she walks down a catwalk. She opens the door besides John and enters before closing the door again.

John: You have to admit the bard had a point when he said: “Temptation I have named thee and thy name is woman.”

John puts his hand on the door but does not open it.

John: These are my high school years and as I believe it, there are only two sides of looking at these. The classic stories: Either you have a great time and it’s all down hill from here or you hate it and it all gets better after you leave. Not so much for me. Lets take a look.